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Family 2014

"Family is the place where you play your guitar and smile."    "Family is unity in uniqueness."  "Family is like an orchestra, we had to play all together, to produce harmony." "In family, angry is ok, but then laugh together." "Heavy problem ain't heavy in a family." "Family = backup (power) + restore (smile)."  "Each person in a family have a different character,  we will always learn, learn, and learn each other all the time." "A family needs a lot of love and kisses!"

Selamat ulang tahun ke-6, Fhea

17 Desember 2008 jam 05.50 lahir seorang bayi bernama Voofhea Chiara Kembaren. Hari ini genap usiamu 6 tahun. Tak terasa kamu sudah mulai besar. Terima kasih Tuhan untuk semua penyertaan Mu untuk anak kami ini.