Finally, i switch device from Blackberry to Samsung Galaxy S4

by - July 25, 2013


Finally i switched device from my old blackberry to samsung galaxy s4.
I will wrote down about it on the next blog, on how i do it about the contact, memopad, and so on.

So, start from today, i don't longer using my PIN, BBM, old-fashioned browser. I also don't have any  problem again related to limited memory phone application, hang or crash application, releasing battery, 'coffee-wait' startup phone, and so on. I also don't have to buy a blackberry service after i switch it to internet service. It's a lot of things i can do this or that.

Last night i woke up at 00. And 'till 4am i can't get enough dig deeper about my new device :)

Thanks for bidadari who finally give me this present as a birthday present for me. Love you so much, honey :)


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