Fhea 1st day @ English First (EF)

by - July 09, 2013

Today is the 1st day Fhea attending her english class @ EF (English First).
I'm as her parent really excited.

There are many options for her, but we (me and my wife) agreed that we don't wanna put her in the "serious" course (such as kumon). Her age are now 5 on december 2013, and we want to fill her with unformal skills such as language and music. For things such as mathematics and other serious course, we will asked her someday, but later, not now. As for now, we prefer to make her love the art, music, language, as the foundation and will later on balancing her life on the "industrial phase".

And we glad that she liked it. Eventhough her mom for this 1st session stayed in the class companied her, and also she was cryin on the first sight she saw her teacher (which is native speaker) and wanted to leave the class, but then she stay and happy.

Well done, my daugher :)

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