Blackberry OMG!!! (media take all my space media card)

by - June 04, 2013

I had my blackberry for almost about 4 years.
Recently i had trouble on the memory, it's full!
So on the few occasion i missed to captured moment because of my blackberry memory full.

It's very annoying.
My guess is because of the pictures, because maybe i've take a lot of pictures on my handheld. 
So today i decided to backup all my memory, erase all pictures on my blackberry, so my blackberry will have a lot of space (again).

Then, comes this time.
I've already backup all the pictures, and erase all the pictures from my blackberry group folder (including the folders), but......still i only have a little space available.

Then i searched all the files to know what kind of files that have a BIG size.
And then i've found that it's the blackberry system files.

The location is on:
Media Card... blackberry\system\media
The are files name:

  • thumbs76x76.dat
  • thumbs320x240.dat

that have a very big size (about 1.5GB for each files).
OMG !!! My memory size is only 4GB, and these files eat the 3GB it self for the system. What a crap!!!
It's not fair to me, because the system should have their on space on the handheld memory for storing such thumbs. And also my next question is, how not efficient the thumbs process on the blackberry, because it grows the file size very big!
So, actually i don't need to erase all my picture, my group. I only need to erase these files, and i will get my memory space back!
Once i did it, TADDA! My blackberry memory space were back. And i monitor those 2 files thumbs, it still on the tolerance size (about 1.2MB). So now at least i have extra knowledge to regulary recyle these 2 files.

But still...
Sick handheld, sick system!

Will migrate soon!

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4 comment

  1. been there, done that before.
    these files got me crazy finding WHY DID THE MEMORY CARD STILL FULL? :)))

  2. so sick hah? and i feel i'm not an IT person anymore while still holding this kind of handheld...

  3. help me!!!

  4. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    Wow, I have the same problem, did you see any difference like any other types of media being deleted? What do you think that file actually was? Looks like a database file but I'm not sure