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My name is on the Depkominfo website...yipppii... BINUS BERI PENGAHARGAAN KEPADA PENELITI, DOSEN DAN MAHASISWA November 19, 2009, 7:14 pm| Berita Pemerintahan |  Jakarta, 19/11/2009 (Kominfo-Newsroom) – Binus Business School (BBS) dan Binus International (BI) akan memberikan penghargaan "Best of the Best Binusian" dari beberapa kategori yang berbeda untuk tenaga peneliti, dosen dan mahasiswa serta alumni Binus. "Penyerahan penghargaan dilaksanakan di Hotel Grand Kemang, Jakarta, Kamis (19/11) malam," kata Humas Media Binus, Yunanto Dwi Saputra, di Jakarta, Kamis (19/11). Dijelaskan bahwa peneliti yang berkualitas, dosen yang kompeten, mahasiswa yang luar biasa, dan alumni yang sukses menjadi aset penting bagi BBS untuk meningkatkan kualitas positif dari reputasinya, dan memelihara keuntungan kompetitifnya baik di pasar lokal maupun internasional. Berdasarkan teori Hierarki Kebutuhan-nya Abraham Masl

Today, two years ago

Today, two years ago You and me It's been a while Since that day You and me Today, two years ago You've been different, we've been changed Since that day You and me Today, two years ago We've learned the values of commitment, love, and forgive We've learned a lot, but not yet everything You and me Today, two years ago I'll be loving you always Loving you by the way you are... Happy anniversary, hun...

next schedule from The Best Student Award 2009

date Thu, Nov 5, 2009 at 10:03 AM subject Interview schedule for Best Student Award mailed-by Dear   nominee , First of all, let us congratulate you for being  a nominee  of   the Best Student Award. In order for us to select  the best of the best, we would cordially invite you for a 10-minutes interview with our assessment team on Monday 9 November 2009 at the following time schedule: 1. Best Student Award: 9.30 - 10.30 am 2. Best Alumni Award: 10.30 - 11.30 am 3. Best Lecturer Award: 1.00 - 2.00 pm 4. Best Researcher Award: 2.00 - 3.00 pm Since we have already confirmed this schedule with our Sponsors , who will be joining the assessment team, we therefore would highly appreciate if you could agree with the above schedule. However, should this schedule conflict with your timing, please notify us at the soonest as we will need to set a special interview session.  We are looking forward to receiving your confirmation of attendance.   Many thanks in

Answers for The Best Student Nomination video shoot

How do you see yourself 5 -10 years from now? I dream having my own low-cost hospital supported with information technology. According to my experienced, information technology can help a lot of things in including empowering the hospital to manage its assets. Implementing IT supposed to be lowering the cost and leveraging the quality of the hospital. I'm pretty sure that my future hospital with fully supported by information technology will be a reality as I learned about plenty things here in Binus Business School. Well, it always a good idea to start with the end in mind.   I have a dream  i will opening my own low-cost hospital fully supported with information technology. A smart system integrated with the hospital that will help the doctors and nurses on take care the patients. The hospital would be green as it paperless. This kind of system supposed to be lowering the cost and leveraging the quality of the hospital. I'm pretty sure that my future hospital with fully

still about The Best Student Nomination 2009

Hi Julbintor, The criteria came from different aspects, combined into one: academic, personal behavior, accomplishment and activeness. There are 3 nominees per category and the other 2 nominees for Best Student in the S2 level are: Hendra Suryanto and Novita Lorraine. Thanks. Anita From: Eethore [mailto: ] Sent: Thursday, October 29, 2009 3:46 PM To: Anita Michiko Tamala Subject: Re: Best Student Nomination - Hide quoted text - Thanks for the information. Can i know the qualification for this nomination? And can i get the list of my friend who also got this nomination? Thank you. Julbintor Kembaren