Masa tua yang ceria...

by - May 11, 2009

Happy bday, Dad!

You are a terrific Father. 
You are a trully a best friend for me. 
You are a very details manager i ever known. 
You are a consistent person that i don't wanna argue with. 

In your 64th years birthday, 
I really think you are happy. 
Surrounded by your wife, sons, daughters, grandson, grandaughters.
All of them love you very much. 
Don't know how i'm gonna be in that age. 
I hope as you teach me well, i'll reach that milestone, Dad. 

Years after years our relationship is a very unique one. 
First, you become my Father. Teach me all the secret ways to do anything. 
Second, you become my best friend. You hear all of my crying wishpers and give me a moral lesson. 
Third, you become a driven motivator. You drive me to the right ways, not by strength, but by word of wisdom. 

And you are the best one i ever have, Dad!
How i longing to discuss everything in my life in the next days, weeks, months, years. 
I just still a newbie for being a worker, a head of a family, a servant of God, and a father. 

I love you, Dad!   

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