Why BiNus?

by - March 06, 2009

Many of you maybe asking the same question to me about taking S2 at BiNus University.

"Why BiNus?"

And here, i'm trying to answer this question in many perspective :)

  • [Money] I got 5% discount because i was a BiNusian, taking my bachelor degree in BiNus
  • [Distance] It's 15 minutes from my office. Take either the busway or kopaja 19. Don't mention the distance from BiNus to my home, it take 1-2 hours (sigh)
  • [Popularity] Well, BiNus is well-known university using IT as a powerful tools
  • [Country] Hem, i like indonesian people, country of indonesia, paying with rupiah. Eventough when i'm taking the class, feels like in Chinesse Country. Well, at least still in Asia.
  • [Family] I asked my wife and my daugher, both of them agreed if BiNus is my choice. What they don't agree is MMA IPB and Harvard University.
  • [Teacher] As i experienced in my S1 degree, they are professional! Really!
  • [Campus] It's always a cozy place. Near the Senayan City. In the side walk, have a 'fresh' view.
  • [Flazz] All the payment using Flazz card from BCA. I don't have a BCA account right now. But may be i will. Because the cafetaria also using Flazz.
  • [Technology] No doubt! BiNus always have the latest technology in their university.
  • [Internet] They have free internet in campus. Horayyy!
  • [Graduation] BiNus never hold their students take a long course. BiNus always encourage in many ways so the students get express graduation (at least 'on time').
So, with no doubt...
March 06, 2009
is my first class.

1st day always exciting!

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