The interview

by - February 25, 2009

Well, the interview in BiNus MM was quite good (and fast). Mr. Asnan as a head of Magister Management in Business Management asked me a lot of question around my family, job description, my motivation taking a Business Management as my major, and so on. We were talking in english of course, because it will be 100% english session on my class in MM BM.

He said to me, as he sees me, i don't have any problem in joining his class. Gladly he said, that i'm on the right track move on to a generalist person as i'm on a very technical job right now.
Eventhough later on my TOEFL test wasn't pass 500, i'm still having opportunity making it up on my 20months in BiNus. But it doesn't matter he said, because as he can see, my GPA on my bachelor degree was quite interesting. And he added that for this interview session also he will pass me.

The interview took about 15 minutes. And he ended an official conversation and said to me "Ok, interviewnya sudah selesai. Kalau masih ada yang ingin ditanyakan silahkan memakai bahasa indonesia juga tidak apa-apa. "

I'm happy.

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  1. hai, what is another questions beside family, job description, motivation? i think i will register at MM BM too. Need your help :)