A Song for My Daughter, Kayla

by - September 10, 2008

(a song for my daughter, Kayla ... 6 month on waiting ...  )
"hope you're fine in there, i know your mommy taking a good care of you :) "

music and lyrics : eethore

When i know you are there
I found it as a miracle
Then i start to think
Those times that i'll live with you

I'll teach you how to dance
so you'll climb the mountain easily 
I'll teach you how to smile
so you'll know that He loves you enough

Kayla, my daughter
I love you so much, we love you so much
Make your way to fulfill His purpose
We'll stand here for you

Kayla, my daughter
Never ask why the world so crazy
Just love the others 
Just walk though the fire

We love you so much...

*from your parents...eethore&chicha

::faith is seeing the unseen, believing what others not::

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