by - July 28, 2008

Istri gw per tanggal 1 Agustus secara resmi jadi guru SMP di Regina Pacis Bogor.
Barusan dia baru beres di interview, awalnya bilang ga lulus. Tapi terakhir dia baru jujur (buset, dikerjain ama istri sendiri, biasanya gw yang ngerjain dia).

Thanks God, You're so GREAT!!!!

-dream come true-

one night before
we're singing and praying
we're saying that
God always give us
an overjoy steps

at our bedroom
glorifying the Lord
asking for His mercy
we're crying
but then He wept our tears today
He keep His promise
His love never fails

honey, i'm amazed
you are the most precious
for my heart
because i see
how the Lord love you so much
maybe because
you're His treasure
putted under my bed

i'm OVERJOY!!!

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