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by - June 14, 2006

Reuben Morgan concert yesterday opened by performances from trueworshippers. They were rocks the audiences. All the songs are makes my heart shaking and my feet cannot stand still :)

Maybe i just skip the Jonathan Prawira session, cause i think everybody is began to tired at that time. No, not because the performance! But, all the audiences were exchausted after TW, and they were waiting for Reuben.

And then, "the show" begin. Reuben and his folks begin to shaking the istora with song "Hallelujah (hear our praises)". And from that to end, all the songs are great!!! Really really great (except the projector man forgot to display the lyrics on the screen, so everybody just saying "hemm...hemm....hem..." hehehe).

One thing i got (from plenty things showed to me), are the moment they were not playing the songs. You see what i mean? Just playing the music, making drum beats, guitars that creating atmosphere (hm, such a heaven atmosphere i think), and the Reuben close his eyes and take his eyes to starring the heaven (seeing what happened). At that moment, i keep saying to my self "this is the way they make music...".

I always wanna be a great song writer (my biggest dream is be a mucisian). And from the experience yesterday, i've learn to bow my self a lot of more in His presence, making the heaven atmosphere, and...creating the music of heaven!

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