when i see you smile

by - June 07, 2005

Facing the rhytme to sing
and canvas to draw
still i got some tint
to hear you singing

The light shining so bright
Right after i see you smile
and those eyes...
damn!you're beautiful

You bring the rainbows into my life
So i can walk through it
and meet you...
Ugh, can't wait that moment

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5 comment

  1. AnonymousJune 07, 2005

    When I see you smile
    I can face the world, oh oh,
    you know I can do anything
    When I see you smile
    I see a ray of light, oh oh,
    I see it shining right through the rain

    When I see you smile
    Oh yeah, baby when I see you smile at me


  2. ;)
    yeah, i love that song!!!


    but when will it happen to me?

  3. Good Luck Buatmu bro.....semoga bisa mendapatkan apa yang kaucari....

  4. AnonymousJune 13, 2005

    hm ... loe harus berterima kasih ma serangan tugas kampus gw untuk buat iklan di pagi hari heheh jam 2 pagi bow :) buktinya jadi ada inspirasi buat bikin puisi kan hahahah