I'll bring you flowers

by - June 14, 2005

Friday won't be a long day this week
it's the night, when i put the flowers on my heart
and then put it there until the next day
hope its smell will still there
What colour it will be?
Red? Yellow? Blue? or maybe Black?
I don't know, cause i couldn't see it
Your eyes will be the most honest crystal ball
I'll just trying to make it Red, maybe
No no no, if its Black, i won't change it
But please, don't turn it back to me
Take it, and don't throw it away
it's my chance also to see your flowers
But, i'm quite sure...
It's gonna be the Red one...

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2 comment

  1. Sejak kapan jumat is long day?
    short day kali..
    ** nada sinis.. soalnya masih kesel.. :(

  2. kesel kenapa shinta???

    about salad ya?