by - March 03, 2005

hang around in here
it's nice, just like me
stay here, don't go
i'll give what u want
i'll make u what u wanna be

there still time
u'll got it when the time is ready
for now on, just have fun with me
enjoy ur pleasure, ur desire
yeah, just like that

i like it when u stay closed to me
hearing what i said to you
it's just like the old time
my whisper took you to a different places
and now you beginning to like it here

how is it?
my touch won't kill you
you will kill your self
enjoy your own desire, it's yours not mine
hey, where you think you're going?

ok, i know what you gonna do
you're going to bend your knees
and start to pray
but don't take it too long
i still got a lot of games to play with you

still waiting...

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