This morning, my tea tasted sour...

by - January 14, 2005

Fly away the dreams
I fought for the coding last night
Trying to break some password
But, when i come up with the algorithm
And i wait for about 2 hours
It didn't come up for the result
So i change the method
Until this morning, 5 hours processing
It failed!!!

But, suddently i realize i had to go to my office
So i did.
But, still i think about it
Somehow i know i will work!!!
I will be breaking that code!!!

And just when i arrived
Like ussual, a tea on my desk
Mpffhh, it tasted sour!
Why is it?
Is it because my 'weird' mouth

Or it has no sugar?

-bring u the reality, what you though is not always what you get...
...just keep on dreaming...-

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