Enter the Wind

by - November 23, 2004

What's wrong with me
Feel cold, when it's warm
Can't taste the sour
Cause my tounge dissapear

Ugh, damn it's really cold
Make me can't enjoy this day
To much confusion
I'm enter the wind

>>> yang artinya adalah :
Gw lagi masuk angin (enter the wind) dan demam :(

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2 comment

  1. Mm..., pasti karena kurang istirahat tuh... dibilangin ngeyel sih... :(
    Btw, shinta baru liat comment itor di blog shinta.., Cerita apa? what's wrong in me?

  2. Hehehe, iya ni...ga teratur makan juga kali ya ama kurang istirahat. Hm, btw...siapa tuh cowo? Uhuy...traktir dong ah :)