In the arms of an angel...

by - October 29, 2004

Time running so fast
Didn't realize that im not running yet
Stargaze the cloud
Seeing who am i

But, still being silent
Chasing my self
on this stillness of the night
Hear an angel whispered me...

"In the arms of an angel
You'll find peace here"
Reminds me all good things
We've spent together

Ugh, it's really perfect
Almost perfect
Yes, it's perfect
Mmh, almost maybe...

Still wondering my self
If i'm ok or just didn't realize
That chasing my self
Wouldn't get through it

Make me know
Where i am
Or would i be with you
I love you, i really do...

If this world just be silent
and say it nothing
But it didn't
and i already have the answer...

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1 comment

  1. When I said
    I do love you
    I meant it

    When i said
    yahh, this is the best for us
    I deny it

    U know why? Coz I do still love u
    Don't know til when...
    Hun.. stop cryin'

    : I hate your answer, definitely :