You're My Light

by - September 07, 2004

This song for you, Devi
It really lifted me up when I was down...
Be blessed :)

You're My Light
Songs by Eethore
Copyright 2002

I was lost in a place
That dark without the light
Seems so far away for me
To reach again my life
It was my fault
I was taking my own ways
But now I know
I can't live without YOU

You're my light
That shines my life
You're my shelter, Lord
That keeps me warm
You have found me
And give me love
Never i'll doubt You, Lord
You are my light

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2 comment

  1. Thank you my Turang ...

    Meskipun lagu ini dibuat bukan untuk gw ... tapi gw mau say thank you karena lyric ini di post untuk gw :) ... gw setuju banget sama "You're My Light" .... buat siapa aja yang baca lyric ini ..pesen dari gw "dont quit", meskipun rasanya jalan didepan loe gelap banget dan loe bener-bener merasa sendiri ...dont quit ...tetep berusaha dan melakukan hal-hal baik ...karena Cahaya itu tinggal sejengkal lagi dan "DIA" terus bersama dengan kamu senantiasa

    -devi turangnya eethore-