This is my MONTHDAY :)

by - July 02, 2004

Yipppieee !!! This is my monthday :) Just for let you know, i was born on July, 10th, 1980. So...i will waiting for your call, sms, suprise, and if there's anyone who'd like to have a date with me on that day...yeah, like mr.terminator always say.."Hasta la vista baibeh..", upss wrong quote..i mean "NO PROBLEMO" (pake baibeh ga ya?). Yeah, something like that lah... :) Happy monthday to me, happy monthday to me, happy monthday happy monthday, happy monthday to me. (Tapi kok kemaren di du-du buletin ga ada yang inget ya?...hikks...). This is my MONTHDAY !!!!

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